[Audio] A. T. McGill, D.D., LL.D. (1807-1889)

A. T. McGill, CDV, Date Unknown, 75 dpi

A. T. McGill

Historia Ecclesia will now be featuring audio of the series of posts “Presbyterians of the Past,” by Barry Waugh. This week, we highlight A.T. McGill, a Princeton Seminary professor from the time of Dr. Charles Hodge. Click here for the text of Barry’s biography of McGill.


Historia Ecclesiastica is an audio program dedicated to the history of the church. In each episode a particular event or person that is influential in the development of the church will be studied in order to inform the present day. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.

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5 years ago

Glad you’re doing these audios for Presbyterians of the past. 🙂 Thanks!

It was mentioned that:
“McGill had changed his views with respect to three particular areas of Associate Church doctrine.”

My guess is: on civil govt, exclusive psalmody, and close communion. Can you confirm which views he changed?

Barry Waugh

5 years ago

I do not remember the specific source for that bit of information but I imagine it is in the biography of McGill in, Centennial Memorial of the Presbytery of Carlisle, Biographical, 1889, which was written by Ebenezer Erskine. The book in digital form is available on Internet Archive.


5 years ago

Though I think this is obvious, the Ebenezer Erskine noted in the answer to Baus’s inquiry is not Ebenezer Erskine, 1680-1754, who was the founder of the Secession Church but he is one of his descendants. The Erskine who wrote the biographies mentioned was the pastor of the Big Spring Presbyterian Church in Newville, Pennsylvania, beginning in 1869 and he died in 1901 and is buried in the Big Spring cemetery.



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