Help Provide Translations for Our Global Community

We are so encouraged that many of you have registered for our new educational platform, Reformed Academy. Just last week, we launched our third on-demand course, Introduction to Covenant Theology. We hope you are benefitting from these new resources.

Transcending Barriers

Already, we have welcomed more than 800 students representing 42 countries.* We have received notes of encouragement from enthusiastic students in Colombia, Kenya, Philippines, and Brazil to name a few. Give thanks to the Lord with us!

Many of these students do not otherwise have access to theological education. Reformed Academy is a means by which many believers may transcend geographic and economic barriers to learn the deep truths of Christ crucified and raised.

— Nonetheless, language barriers remain. —

Closed Captions and Translations

While our video lessons are recorded in English, we desperately want to provide closed captions for the hearing impaired as well as translations of the captions for students who do not speak English. Your donation enables many more international students to learn about Christ as he is revealed in all of Scripture. 

Closed Caption Costs for Introduction to Covenant Theology (based on per-minute rates)

$375 100%
$900 100%
$900 100%
Chinese ($1,500)
$1,500 2%
Korean ($1,500)
$1,500 17%
French ($1,500)
$1,500 0%
Hindi ($900)
$900 0%
Portuguese ($900)
$900 0%

Would you donate today to enable one of these translations?

Please notify us if you desire to apply your donation to a particular translation.

* Figures updated July 25, 2020.


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