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We’re looking for people to join our team who are as excited as we are about providing accessible theological education around the world.

Job TypePart-time, salary
BenefitsTwo weeks paid vacation
ScheduleMinimum 15–20 hours per week; flexible around negotiated core hours
Work LocationRemote

Position Summary

The Publishing Coordinator reports to the Executive Director. This person coordinates activities and provides editorial and administrative support for all stages of the editorial publishing process.


  • Serve as project manager for multiple print publication projects at one time.
  • Coordinate all aspects of the publishing process, including working with the Executive Director, authors, editors, copy editors, typesetters, graphic designers, and printers to publish theological books.
  • Assist with editorial work (e.g. incorporating suggested changes from copy editors, formatting footnote citations).
  • Manage digital files throughout all phases of the publication process.
  • Collaborate with the administrative team to ensure that print publications are included in the editorial calendar.
  • Ensure on-time payment of authors, editors, designers, etc.


  • Acute attention to detail and awareness of grammar, citations, typography, and graphic design.
  • Excellent verbal business communication skills (both written and oral).
  • Able to multi-task, meet deadlines consistently, and work independently in a fast-paced remote environment.
  • Strong computer skills, especially file management.
  • Fluent in digital task management and online business communication platforms.

Preferred Education, Experience, and Skills

  • BS/MS degree in English or a related field.
  • Professional experience in print publishing.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, including track/incorporate changes and styles in Microsoft Word; able to attach and send files via email (Microsoft Outlook).
  • Experience working with annotated PDFs.
Job TypePart-time, salary
BenefitsTwo weeks paid vacation
ScheduleMinimum 15–20 hours per week; flexible around negotiated core hours
Work LocationRemote

Position Summary

The Marketing Coordinator reports to the Executive Director. This person is responsible for implementing strategies that promote the organization and its offerings in service of its mission. The Marketing Coordinator manages various channels like social media networks, online advertisements, website content, and email marketing to deliver a persuasive and cohesive marketing message to the organization’s audience.

The Marketing Coordinator creates and uploads copy to websites and other platforms, optimizes images for the organization’s website, and understands how marketing impacts its goals. He or she also has the responsibility of providing accurate reports of the marketing campaigns to demonstrate the effectiveness of specific campaigns.

Essential Duties

  • Work with the Executive Director to develop and implement the marketing strategy.
  • Coordinate a multi-channel editorial calendar.
  • Use web-based software to design weekly email communications, soliciting content from staff as necessary.
  • Schedule social media communications using the Buffer app.
  • Track and analyze digital marketing performance.


  • Excellent verbal communication skills (both written and oral).
  • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines consistently and complete work independently in a high-paced environment.
  • Fluent in digital business communication systems, including online task management and business chat platforms.
  • Collaborative and goal-oriented mindset.

Preferred Education, Experience, and Skills

  • BS/MS degree in marketing or a related field.
  • Experience in creating emails using online software such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, or similar.
  • Experience managing the social media presence for a business or other organization (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube).
  • Working knowledge of using WordPress to create and manage website content.
  • Basic understanding of HTML/CSS.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, especially Outlook and Word.
Job TypePart-time, contract, hourly
Schedule5–10 hours/week with a possibility to expand; flexible around negotiated core hours
Work LocationRemote

Position Summary

The Executive Assistant offers administrative support services to the Executive Director and Director of Education and Advancement. The Executive Assistant serves as the first point of contact with the organization for many of its constituents. He or she assists in scheduling; reviewing, prioritizing and responding to emails; answering and returning phone calls; organizing documents; maintaining records; taking notes at meetings and any other administrative tasks that help the directors perform their duties.


  • Manage the organization’s general email account, organizing all messages and significant attachments for later reference.
  • Address customer service and website issues. Briefly answer theological questions and suggest resources as able.
  • File receipts and invoices for accounting purposes.
  • Field telephone calls and respond to voicemails.
  • Screen and forward significant messages to the appropriate faculty and staff.
  • Work with publishers and authors to request review copies of books.
  • Schedule podcast interviews and coordinate schedules among Reformed Forum executives, directors, and external parties.
  • Write regular digests of communications.
  • Assign and receive tasks in the organization’s project/task management software.
  • Schedule travel and develop itineraries for Reformed Forum staff, faculty, and other instructors.
  • Assist with logistics for events.


  • Strong executive functioning and ability to conduct self-directed work remotely.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills (both written and oral).
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent organization and time-management skills.
  • Acute attention to detail.
  • Able to multi-task, meet deadlines consistently, and work independently in a fast-paced remote environment.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and project/task management software (e.g. Asana).

Preferred Education, Experience, and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Professional experience in executive or administrative assistance.
  • Theological training or experience in a confessional Reformed or Presbyterian church.

Staff Profile

A candidate for the Reformed Forum staff:

  • Is a Christian with a mature walk of faith, whose lifestyle, convictions, and beliefs are in accord with Biblical teaching.
  • Demonstrates Christ-likeness (e.g. Philippians 2:5–11; Galatians 5:16–26).
  • Is a member in good standing, is faithful in attendance, and is actively involved in his or her own local church.
  • Understands the organization’s mission statement, “to support the Church in her charge of presenting every person mature in Christ (Colossians 1:28),” and is motivated to work as part of a team driven by this mission.
  • Possesses a skill-set complementing the position.
  • Is willing to complete an application and participate in an interview.

How to Apply

If you are interested in being a member of the Reformed Forum team and believe you fit the staff profile above, please submit a completed application and associated documents via email to mail@reformedforum.org. We require two reference forms in addition to this application: one pastoral and one professional. These forms should be given to (1) your pastor and (2) your most recent supervisor or a recent colleague. Ministers may provide recommendations from their presbytery/classis or session/consistory.


Forms can be downloaded using the links listed above and should be returned by the reference to mail@reformedforum.org. It is the responsibility of the applicant to disseminate all reference forms to these individuals. No application will be considered without receipt of both reference forms. Please note that a waiver has been offered to you at the top of each reference form.

About Us

Reformed Forum is committed to providing Reformed Christian theological resources to pastors, scholars, and anyone who desires to grow in their understanding of Scripture and the theology that faithfully summarizes its teachings.

Our mission is to support the Church in her charge of presenting every person mature in Christ (Col. 1:28).

Reformed Forum began in January 2008 as a means of providing free access to informed theological conversation. We produce podcasts and video courses, host educational events, publish books, and engage in other activities that facilitate a lifetime education for God’s people.

We are committed to the principles of the Protestant Reformation and a redemptive-historical approach to Scripture. We believe these faithfully represent the teachings of the Bible, which is our only standard for faith and practice.

Reformed Forum is incorporated as a non-profit organization in Pennsylvania and recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (EIN: 27-2306841). Reformed Forum is headquartered in Libertyville, Illinois.

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