Camden Bucey, Jonathan Brack, and Dan Adams speak about the gospel from the steps of the historic Tenth Presbyterian Church. Reformed Forum was delighted to be invited to the annual Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, which is organized by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Sinclair Ferguson, Ligon Duncan, Liam Goligher, Harry Reeder, and Rick Phillips contributed to the important theme The Gospel: What? Why? How?

This year, the Alliance considered the message and the method of the gospel. What makes the gospel a source of such abounding joy? What is the bad news, to which the gospel is the remedy? What is the power with which the gospel brings salvation? How is the cross the very center of the gospel? What was the distinct gospel message that Jesus preached, and how do we preach it today? How do pastors and churches take up the gospel ministry of reconciliation, of which we read in the Bible?

On this episode, the panel spends time discussing many of these questions while exploring the implications of the good news of Jesus Christ for all of life.

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