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Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms in Dutch Theology

Dr. Nelson Kloosterman returns to Christ the Center to speak about natural law and two kingdom theology in early 21st century Dutch thought. Dr. Kloosterman is Executive Director of Worldview Resources International, while he also labors in translating great Dutch theological works into English.

In this discussion, Dr. Kloosterman speaks about his arguments found in Kingdoms Apart, edited by Ryan C. McIlhenny and published by P&R Publishing. Dr. Kloosterman’s essay, “Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms in the Thought of Herman Bavinck” seeks to explain Bavinck’s position in light of recent criticisms. In addition, Kloosterman speaks about his translations of two articles on the two kingdoms by S. G. de Graaf, an important early 21st c. Dutch theologian.

Listeners may also be interested to hear Dr. Kloosterman speak about many different related subjects in our Christ and Culture series.

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