TGC 2015: Coming Home

In this episode, we recap our time at the Gospel Coalition 2015 National Conference. The conference was titled Coming Home: New Heaven and New Earth, and the sessions focused on eschatology. To start off, Erica Bucey speaks about several sessions and related books dealing with women’s ministry including Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin and the forthcoming Word-Filled Women’s Ministry edited by Gloria Furman and Kathleen B. Nielson.

Jared Oliphint then details one of the conference sessions, which was convened by Westminster Theological Seminary. The session, hosted by RTS Chancellor J. Ligon Duncan, featured Lane Tipton, Greg Beale, and Jeff Jue. In this riveting session, the panelists discussed different facets of Reformed eschatology. While the session should eventually be available through The Gospel Coalition, we thought we’d share some related content.

Dr. Jeffrey K. Jue currently serves as Provost of Westminster Theological Seminary and is the Stephen Tong Associate Professor of Reformed Theology at Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Jue joined us on Christ the Center episode 31 to speak about the eschatological views of the Westminster divines. We include a segment from that interview as it touches upon the subject matter of his panel discussion at #TGC15.

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