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Reformed Ministry in Bogotá, Colombia

Rodrigo Andrés Espinoza and Douglas Clawson speak about Reformed and Presbyterian ministry in the nation of Colombia and specifically, its capital, Bogotá. Rev. Clawson has been visiting and serving in Colombia for more than a decade through OPC foreign missions. Rev. Espinoza serves as pastor of Raah Iglesia Cristiana Biblical in Bogotá. The church is a member of the Iglesia Presbiteriana de la Reforma de Colombia.

This is a unique episode. Not only are we recording from the church in Bogotá, but with the assistance of Cristian Castro, we are also presenting our first entirely bilingual episode.



  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 11:04 Reformed Ministry in Bogotá
  • 16:18 An Approach to Foreign Missions
  • 24:43 An Interest and Hunger for Reformed and Presbyterian Confessional Theology
  • 36:03 Finances and Foreign Missions
  • 45:19 Present Needs in Bogotá and Colombia
  • 49:27 Conclusion

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