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A History of Presbyterianism in Wisconsin

Brian DeJong explores the history of Presbyterianism in Wisconsin by focusing on several key figures in the development Presbyterian churches in the area.

In 1821, the Stockbridge Mohican Indians relocated to the Fox River area, just north of Appleton. These Indians had been under the Christian ministries of David Brainerd, Jonathan Edwards, and John Sergeant in Massachusetts. They eventually moved to the eastern shore of Lake Winnebago. The Rev. Jesse Miner came to minister among them in 1825. Later, Mr. Cutting Marsh served among them as well.

Rev. DeJong also describes the ministries of Rev. Moses Ordway and Stephen Peet in Green Bay and beyond and Peter Zonne in what is known today as Cedar Grove. Overall, we gain a sense of the pioneering mindset and strong commitment to missions and church planting among these early Wisconsin Presbyterians.



  • 00:00:08 Introduction
  • 00:05:01 Presbyterianism in Wisconsin
  • 00:16:16 Edwards, Brainerd, and the Stockbridge Indian Tribe
  • 00:26:20 Moses Ordway
  • 00:35:57 Stephen Peet
  • 00:44:58 Pieter Zonne
  • 00:50:29 The OPC in Wisconsin
  • 00:58:15 Takeaways from Studying Wisconsonites
  • 01:06:57 Conclusion

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