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Vos Group #81 — Revelation Connected with John the Baptist

We turn to pp. 311–314 of Geerhardus Vos’s book, Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments to discuss revelation connected with John the Baptist. In this section, we are reminded of the importance of being methodologically self-conscious in our biblical theology. Vos provides valuable insights into John the Baptist’s mission and his place in the unfolding of God’s plan of salvation.

Through an exposition of Matthew 11:2-15, we explore Jesus’ correction of mistaken views and his explanation of John’s significance as “more than a prophet” as well as Vos’ biblical theology, emphasizing the redemptive event as preceding the interpretive word. Whether you’re a biblical scholar or simply interested in the history of special revelation, this episode is sure to provide you with valuable insights and a deeper understanding of John the Baptist’s role in the unfolding of God’s plan of salvation.


  • 00:00:07 Introduction
  • 00:01:32 Join Our New Online Community
  • 00:07:37 New Course Available on Van Til and Barth
  • 00:16:10 Vos, John the Baptist, and Methodological Considerations
  • 00:23:32 Baldensperger and the History of Religions School
  • 00:29:04 John the Baptist in Luke 1
  • 00:36:54 Baldensperger’s View of Luke 1–3
  • 00:44:45 The Christian Philosophy of History
  • 00:50:14 John the Baptist in Matthew 11:2–15
  • 00:57:46 John and Impending Judgment
  • 01:01:45 John Living under the Old Covenant
  • 01:05:46 Rejoicing in Suffering for Christ
  • 01:18:16 Conclusion

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