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The Upside-Down Kingdom

We welcome Chris Castaldo to the program to explore the Beatitudes. In his book, The Upside-Down Kingdom, Castaldo offers a fresh perspective on these familiar teachings of Jesus, showing how they reveal God’s heart for the poor, the meek, and the persecuted. He also provides practical guidance for how we can live out these values in our daily lives, both as individuals and as a community of believers. The book is recommended for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the gospel and its implications for our lives today.

Castaldo argues that the Beatitudes challenge our cultural assumptions about power, success, and happiness, and call us to embrace a different way of living that is grounded in humility, compassion, and justice. Castaldo also draws on his own experiences as a pastor and theologian to provide practical guidance for how we can live out these values in our daily lives. Overall, The Upside Down Kingdom offers a fresh perspective on the Beatitudes that is both challenging and inspiring.

Chris Castaldo (PhD, London School of Theology) is the lead pastor at New Covenant Church in Naperville, Illinois. Follow him on Twitter at @chriscastaldo.

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  • 00:07 Introduction
  • 03:12 Introducing The Upside-Down Kingdom
  • 04:11 Catholicism and Evangelicalism
  • 08:03 Studying the Reformation in Italy
  • 11:11 Chris’ Family History and the Beatitudes
  • 12:49 Worldly vs. Biblical Measures of Success
  • 17:58 The Beginnings of The Upside-Down Kingdom
  • 19:14 Inaugurated Eschatology and the Kingdom
  • 23:23 Addressing Cultural Assumptions
  • 30:38 Meekness
  • 36:32 Societal and Political Implications of Jesus’ Teaching
  • 39:51 Liberal Christian Ethics
  • 42:26 The Beatitudes and Catholicism
  • 48:57 Hopes and Aspirations for Readers of the Book
  • 52:40 Upcoming Projects
  • 54:34 Integrating Our Studies
  • 56:10 Lessons from Italian Christians
  • 58:35 Conclusion

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