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McCabe, James Dabney, 1842-1883

The Royal Priesthood and the Glory of God

We welcome David Schrock to discuss his book The Royal Priesthood and the Glory of God in which he presents a biblical theology that explores the theme of priesthood throughout the Bible. The book demonstrates that the concept of priesthood, starting with Adam in the Garden of Eden, is central to understanding God’s plan for humanity and the overarching narrative of Scripture. Schrock argues that Adam, as the first priest in the biblical narrative, sets a pattern for priesthood that echoes through the patriarchs and is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ. This priesthood is not limited to a specific lineage or tribe but is a calling for all of God’s people.

The book traces the development of this theme from the Levitical priesthood of the Old Testament to the royal priesthood in Christ in the New Testament, fulfilling God’s purpose for humanity to serve as mediators of his presence and ministers of his covenant. Schrock’s work invites readers to see themselves as part of this royal priesthood, called to serve God and reflect his glory.

David S. Schrock is pastor for preaching and theology at Occoquan Bible Church in Woodbridge, Virginia. He is a founding faculty member at Indianapolis Theological Seminary, where he teaches theology.


  • 00:07 Introduction
  • 03:03 David Schrock’s Background and Activities
  • 12:20 Definition of a Priest
  • 16:18 The Threefold Office of Christ
  • 20:58 Six Stages of Development in the Priesthood
  • 26:35 Priests from Noah to Abraham and Melchizedek
  • 30:24 The Priesthoods of Melchizedek and Christ
  • 40:59 The Priesthood of All Believers
  • 48:28 Conclusion


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