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Vos Group #86 — The Lord’s Temptation and Our Own

In this installment of our Vos Group, we turn to pp. 335–336 of Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments to explore the uniquely messianic nature of these temptations, examining how Christ’s experiences differ significantly from human temptations. A key theme of this passage is the comparison of Christ’s temptation with Adam’s, emphasizing Christ’s role as the second Adam and the federal head encountering temptation.

Vos warns against a moralizing interpretation of the temptations, instead focusing on their theocentric character and their relation to true religion. The episode further explores the role of the Holy Spirit in these temptations, particularly in empowering Christ and highlighting the inauguration of the kingdom of God.

The discussion is rich in its exploration of redemptive history, connecting Christ’s wilderness temptations to the broader biblical narrative, from Adam’s failure to Israel’s typological sonship, leading to Christ’s successful fulfillment of God’s commands as the obedient Son of God. This comprehensive analysis aims to deepen understanding of Christ’s work and encourages listeners to appreciate the significance of these biblical events in the context of the entire history of salvation​​.


  • 00:07 Introduction
  • 04:32 The Religious Character of Jesus’ Temptations
  • 09:39 Jesus’ Temptation Compared and Contrasted with Adam’s
  • 16:40 Encouragement for Sinners
  • 19:54 The Nature of the Temptations and Jesus’ Use of the Law
  • 25:25 Satan’s Strategy in Tempting Jesus
  • 32:33 Israel’s Temptation and Christ as the Obedient Son of God
  • 40:21 The Work of the Spirit in Jesus’ Temptation
  • 53:08 Conclusion

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