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Ministering to Those Affected by Sexual Sin

We welcome Mark Sanders, President of Harvest USA, for an enriching dialogue on confronting and healing from sexual brokenness within the church. As our society grapples with rapidly evolving norms around gender and sexuality, the church is called to respond with both theological depth and compassionate outreach. Harvest USA stands at the forefront of this mission, offering resources, discipleship, and education to equip believers to address these challenges through the lens of Reformed theology.

Throughout this conversation, Camden Bucey and Mark Sanders discuss the significance of understanding our identity in Christ and how it shapes our approach to sexual ethics. They discuss the “Harvest Tree” model—a comprehensive biblical framework employed by Harvest USA to aid individuals and families in navigating sexual brokenness with biblical fidelity. The episode also spotlights new initiatives from Harvest USA, including free courses designed to assist parents in raising sexually faithful children and addressing gender confusion with grace and truth.

Listeners will gain insights into the theological underpinnings that guide Harvest USA‘s ministry, emphasizing the importance of a proper ecclesiology and a biblically grounded anthropology. This episode not only addresses the pressing issues of our time but also offers hope and direction for the church to minister effectively in a culture of confusion and search for identity.

Join us for an enlightening discussion that bridges deep theological concepts with practical application, illuminating the path toward healing and wholeness in Christ amidst a world of sexual and gender confusion. Visit harvestusa.org for more resources and information on how you can engage with this important ministry.


  • 00:07 Introduction
  • 04:06 The History and Ministry of Harvest USA
  • 10:04 Reformed Theological Anthropology
  • 25:47 Courses Available through Harvest
  • 30:37 Discipling Your Children
  • 37:35 The Tree Model
  • 44:32 Thoughts from the Front Line
  • 54:10 Additional Resources
  • 57:18 Conclusion

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