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Vos Group #88 — Temptability and Peccability

In this thought-provoking episode, we dive deep into the intriguing account of Jesus’ temptation by Satan in the wilderness. Join us as we explore the profound insights offered by Geerhardus Vos on pages 339–342 in his work Biblical Theology and unpack the ultimate issue at stake in this cosmic confrontation: Who should be God, and whose Messiah would Jesus be?

We grapple with the perplexing questions surrounding Jesus’ temptability and peccability. How could a sinless Jesus be tempted, and what does this imply about his ability to sin? We examine Vos’s argument that the things Satan suggested were not inherently sinful, only wrong due to God’s prohibition, and consider how this differs from modern interpretations that see the temptations as allurements towards a worldly, political messianic role.

Vos’s work invites us to ponder the profound mystery of a fully human Jesus who is intimately united with the Holy Spirit and possesses a divine nature. We consider how these unique aspects of Jesus’ identity make his sinlessness even more unthinkable than Adam’s, and we wrestle with the implications for our understanding of Jesus’ impeccability.

Through a careful analysis of Vos’s insights and a lively discussion of the theological complexities involved, we aim to shed light on this pivotal moment in Jesus’ earthly mission and its significance for our faith. Join us as we explore the depths of Jesus’ commitment to the path of humiliation and suffering, and the ultimate triumph of his messianic glory.


  • 00:00:07 Introduction
  • 00:02:33 Calvinism: The Plan of Salvation
  • 00:07:31 Camden’s Trip to Budapest and Vienna
  • 00:14:09 Temptability and Peccability
  • 00:22:50 Bavinck and Vos on the Person of the Son
  • 00:37:59 The Nature of Jesus’ Temptation
  • 00:42:48 Other Theories of the Messianic Nature of the Temptation
  • 00:46:41 Christ’s Victory Comes through Suffering unto Glory
  • 00:52:06 Satan’s Intent to Circumvent Redemption
  • 01:00:17 Conclusion

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