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Church Membership

In Church Membership, Jonathan Landry Cruse emphasizes the biblical and theological necessity of formal church membership. Cruse argues that church membership is not merely a social or optional commitment but a vital and commanded aspect of Christian discipleship. The book contends that being a member of a local church is essential for spiritual growth, accountability, and fulfilling God’s design for communal worship and service.

Jonathan Landry Cruse is pastor of Community Presbyterian Church (Orthodox Presbyterian Church) in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In his writing, Cruse aims to make complex theological concepts accessible to a broader audience. His works often address foundational elements of church life, including worship, preaching, and the sacraments, underscoring the importance of church membership and community.


  • 00:00:07 Introduction
  • 00:07:13 Thinking about Church Membership
  • 00:17:38 The Visible and Invisible Church and the Covenant
  • 00:30:26 The Duty to Join the Church
  • 00:37:09 Biblical Church Metaphors
  • 00:42:59 The Benefits of Church Membership
  • 00:57:08 Moving toward Others
  • 01:01:07 Church Discipline
  • 01:07:45 Final Remarks
  • 01:10:29 Conclusion

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