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The Reformed Church in the Philippines

In this episode, Camden Bucey connects with Jim Cassidy, pastor of South Austin OPC and president of the Reformed Forum board, to discuss global theological education and Reformed missions. Dr. Cassidy shares insights from his recent trip to the Philippines, where he taught Reformed theology to village pastors and engaged with local congregations deeply committed to confessional Reformed theology.

The conversation highlights the vibrant yet challenging landscape of Reformed education in the Philippines. Dr. Cassidy details his work with Heidelberg Seminary and the Pearl of the Orient Covenant Reformed Church, emphasizing the growing hunger for robust theological training in a predominantly Roman Catholic country. The episode underscores the vital role of Reformed Forum’s online resources, which provide accessible, high-quality theological education to students worldwide.

Join us as we explore the current state of Reformed missions, the unique challenges faced by international churches, and the strategic importance of theological education in cultivating a mature, self-sustaining global Reformed community. This episode is a compelling look at how God is using modern technology and faithful teaching to spread the gospel and strengthen the global church.

Listen in for a thoughtful discussion on the future of Reformed education, the impact of Reformed Forum’s resources, and the ongoing mission to equip believers worldwide with sound doctrine.


  • 00:07 Introduction
  • 04:57 The Reformed Labors in Philippines
  • 14:52 The Need for an Established On-Site Seminary
  • 22:18 The History of Reformed Missions in Philippines
  • 28:10 Ministerial Training and Church Planting
  • 37:29 International Awareness of Theological Issues
  • 39:47 Providing Resources to People Hungry for Reformed Theology
  • 49:34 Conclusion

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