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Cornelis Pronk — A Goodly Heritage

Jeff Waddington reviews A Goodly Heritage: The Secession of 1834 by Cornelis Pronk.

In A Goodly Heritage, Cornelis Pronk surveys the history of the Secession of 1834, beginning with the events leading up to this important spiritual movement and subsequently following its long journey through the Netherlands and North America until 1892. He then focuses on a small minority that decided to continue as the original Christian Reformed Church, considering its growth and how it formulated theological positions in relation to several other Reformed denominations. Throughout, special attention is given to the doctrines of covenant, baptism, and the Holy Spirit’s ministry in applying salvation. This work not only explains the concerns of De Cock and other fathers of the Secession. It presses beyond the early years of the reform movement to present a larger picture of the developments of Secession theology and the contributions made by its main representatives.


00:00 Introduction
00:29 Cornelis Pronk, A Goodly Heritage
01:41 The Secession of 1834
10:17 Identifying the True Church
12:33 Dutch Pietism
13:39 Dutch Settlement in Pella, Iowa
14:58 Summary and Conclusion

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