Foundations of Covenant Theology (digital download)

Dr. Lane Tipton teaches a twelve-week video series on Genesis 1–2.



Dr. Lane Tipton teaches the Foundations of Covenant Theology, a twelve-week series on Genesis 1–2. Dr. Tipton skillfully unfolds God’s plan and purpose to reveal his glory in all of creation and bring his image bearers into his presence that they would worship him forever. Professionally recorded at Old Glory Ranch in Wimberley, Texas, this compelling cinematography is a fitting complement to the rich biblical theology.

Rev. Dr. Lane G. Tipton is the pastor of Trinity Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Easton, Pennsylvania and a faculty member of Reformed Forum.

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Each lesson is approximately thirty-minutes in length and formatted for an adult Sunday school setting. When you purchase the course, you will receive download links to high-definition video files for each of the twelve lessons. These files are formatted (h.264, .mp4, 1080p) to be played on a wide range of computers or mobile devices.

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. The Glory of the Triune God
  3. The Absolute Beginning
  4. The Holy Spirit Fills the Temple
  5. Creation of the Visible Heavens and Earth
  6. Eden as the Place of Worshipful Ascent to God
  7. Created in Religious Fellowship with God
  8. The Covenant of Works
  9. The Tree of Life and Sabbath Rest
  10. The Fall into Sin and the Promise of Redemption
  11. The Promised Seed
  12. The Second and Last Adam

Course Materials

This course includes PDF handouts to accompany each lesson, which you may print for yourself and for anyone watching the course. These handouts include detailed outlines and discussion questions designed to help an instructor guide conversation about each lesson.


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