The Sensus Fidei: Pneumatology and Ecclesiology in Catholic and Reformed Theology


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Bruce Sanders

4 years ago


During your excellent presentation you used philosophical terms such as “modern liberalism” and “doctrine of Scripture” to describe transitions occurring in Roman Catholicism. A good sequel would be to address specifics as to why these transitions are occurring. Dr Tipton in his presentation opened one such specific: ‘if the historicity of biblical Adam is denied, Reformed theology unravels’ (single quotation marks indicate this quote is not quite exact). In other presentations, Dr Tipton has added belief in a young earth and worldwide Noah’s flood as being equally necessary.

Before nuclear power plants became operational in 1942, the science of uranium decay was understood. Since that time, the understanding of decay pathways of all radioactive elements / isotopes and their respective half-lives has found application in hospitals, nuclear medicine, mining, hi-tech manufacturing, even households as smoke detectors. As a side benefit, this proven technology is used to date the earth, and results from more than 40 different types of tests each confirm the earth is vastly older than any age taught by young earth believers. Furthermore, spectral analysis of starlight arriving from stars young and old shows radioactive decay processes have not significantly changed over vast periods of time. In short, the presupposition about a young earth is incorrect.

As for Noah’s flood, the 22-foot-deep waters (Gen 7:20) were only local and not worldwide. This is known because Egyptian, Iranian and other cultures in existence at the time were not impacted. Also, the Human Genome does not indicate a bottleneck (i.e. we who live today are not all descend from Noah; nor from an Adam 1056 years earlier (Gen 5)).

Roman Catholics realize the evidence is irrefutable, and since there is no point in teaching things knowingly not true, are making difficult decisions impacting theology. Early Reformers faced similar decisions when scientists discovered the solar system is heliocentric and not geocentric as was taught from Scripture by Calvin, Luther, Melanchton and others. Reformers at that time had to change their theology. Reformers today face a similar need to change.

Chris Cullnane II

4 years ago

I appreciate your lecture so much. I was raised a Roman Catholic in the 50s. Also I was wondering if Dr. Strimple’s lectures are available anywhere. Thanks, Chris



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