The Trinity, Image of God, and Apologetics: Bavinck’s Consistently Reformed Defense of the Faith

Jim Cassidy speaks on Herman Bavinck’s consistently Reformed defense of the faith at the 2016 Reformed Forum Theology Conference held at Hope Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Grayslake, Illinois.


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3 years ago

Jim, if I understand you, you’re saying, in part, that Bavinck (and VanTil) doesn’t/don’t so much consider the various trinary characteristics of created things to be indicative of a Trinitarian Creator, but rather that given the Trinitarian Creator, Who is the Equally Ultimate Unity-Diversity, His Being is indicative of a non-ultimate, relative one-ness and many-ness in the creation. And this entails that the creation in its coherence and plurality is dependent on God as Trinity.
Is this more-or-less part of what you were saying?

If so, this also seems to entail a view of creation’s dependence on God in a manner that collapses His Will into His Being. That is, the relativity of the characteristics of the creation may be said to be given by virtue of God’s having created all things. But that ‘origination’ was not emanation of His Being (pantheism). Rather His creating all things was an act of His Will. How does this revealed truth about the Creator-creature distinction factor in?


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