Country and Gospel Music

Reformed Media Review had the privilege of interviewing Don Reid, former lead singer of the award winning country music group the Statler Brothers, about his involvement in that group and his more recent work as an author. Especially of interest was Don’s insights into the relationship of country and gospel music. Our listeners will be especially interested to learn that Don Reid is also a long standing ruling elder and Sunday School teacher in his home church in Staunton, VA. Jeff Waddington was more than ably assisted by Michael Dewalt, Dr. Stephen Nichols of Lancaster Bible College and Graduate School and Dr. Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.

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Tim H.

9 years ago

I was waiting to for someone to ask how Reid’s music was influenced by Van Til, but y’all let that one slip by.


9 years ago

What a very cool episode. Great idea, Jeff.

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John D. Chitty

3 years ago

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this episode as well. It’s fun to think of Jeff Waddington enjoying his beloved Southern Gospel music! This being the Christmas season of 2016, I just watched a rerun of The Johnny Cash Christmas Show which featured the Statler Brothers, among others. I was reminded of this episode, in which Don Reid talked about serving as an elder, and rushing back each Saturday night even while on tour to worship and assist in serving the Lord’s Supper!

I haven’t replayed this episode yet, but I was under the impression he was a PCA elder, but I did a little Googling to find his church and it rather seems to be a PCUSA congregation, however, in its About Us page, it does assert that they are a “traditional, conservative and very faithful group of weekly worshipers.” (www.olivetpres.org/whoweare) I have yet to find a link to the denomination’s website, or any reference at all to it. Maybe it’s a given, or maybe they actually are conservative enough that they prefer to downplay their association, although judging by the wording of some parts of the site, and the theological training of the pastor (Montreat College and Union Seminary), this association is clearly and fairly implied. I was also surprised to find that, not only is Don Reid a ruling elder there, but also fellow Statler Brother, Phil Balsley.



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