God Is a Communicative Being: Divine Communicativeness and Harmony in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards

In this episode, Jeff Waddington covers God Is a Communicative Being: Divine Communicativeness and Harmony in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards by William M. Schweitzer and published by T&T Clark. The book explores Edwards’s statement, “The great and universal end of God’s creating the world was to communicate himself. God is a communicative being.” Listen as Jeff provides an overview of the issues, but if you’d like to go deeper, read Jeff’s review in the Spring 2013 issue of The Westminster Theological Journal.

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David Morgan

6 years ago

Nice to hear an EPCEW congregation being mentioned on Reformed Forum.

Chris Schroeder

6 years ago

Great book. Really enjoyed reading it – but I’m biased, as I’m blessed to have Bill as my pastor & friend.
I agree with Jeff that the book is well written and very clear. Meticulously researched as well.
What I particularly appreciated was the way most Edwards’ quotes are helpfully summarized in a couple of sentences by the author.
The subject matter and the way it is handled leaves the reader with an expanded, worship-provoking, view of our great & glorious, communicating God.

As to the price, the paperback is due out in November and currently on the Bloomsbury webpage (UK) for the equivalent of around 27 dollars.

Doug Sweeney reviewed the book here:

See also the Jonathan Edwards For the Church conference being held in Durham, UK in Feb 2014 with some notable (notorious?) speakers: http://www.edwardsconference.org/



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