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Submissions for Publication

Thank you for your interest in writing for Reformed Forum. We seek to publish resources that reflect our commitment to the historically Reformed confessional tradition and a redemptive-historical approach to Scripture.

We accept submissions of original works for publication through our website, email and print newsletters, ebooks, and print books. Reformed Forum does not compensate authors for online or newsletter articles.

If you are submitting a book proposal, please consult our instructions and template.

Style and Formatting

Before submitting your manuscript, please review our style guide and follow these general formatting instructions:

  1. Submit all documents in plain text, .rtf, or Microsoft Word .docx format.
  2. Use minimal formatting. If at all possible, when using Microsoft Word, use quick styles rather than formatting items directly. To learn how, watch this video.
  3. Verify all direct quotes and sources for completeness and accuracy.
  4. When citing quoted material, use full footnotes for the first instance of a reference. Use shortened citations thereafter.

Please be aware that publishing can be a slow process. We kindly ask that you allow us at least four weeks to evaluate your manuscript before submitting it to any other publishers.