Am I Free If God Is Sovereign?

God’s sovereignty and man’s freedom are often thought to be in competition with one another in a sort of zero-sum game: either God is sovereign or I am free. This has led to thinking that there are only two basic options…
common grace common wrath

The Essential Van Til — Common Grace and Common Wrath

The triumph of the eternal decree of God over history is just as much a problem as the triumph of history over the eternal decree. In an attempt to stave off Arminianism (a commendable task!) deniers of common grace have…
Synod of Dort

The Canons of Dort as a Standard for Teaching and Preaching

Introduction The Canons of Dort are one of official standards of the Reformed churches. They were written in the early 1600s, when the young Reformed Church in the Netherlands had to deal with the threat of Arminian theology. But are…


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