Joy-Full Fellowship (Part 7): Pentecost

In the Old Testament, the altars of the patriarchs, the tabernacle constructed under Moses, and the temple built by Solomon were all sufficient and efficacious means by which the people of God experienced the covenantal and joy-full presence of the Lord their God. All…
Paul at the Areopagus

Pentecost and Missions

The book of Acts is filled with stories of missionary exploits that can excite us to bold acts of faith. But at times it can unfortunately become a heavy club to strike the sheep for their lack of zeal for the…

Dispensationalism – Part 3

In episode 25, your hosts Rob and Bob, pick up our discussion of Dispensationalism. Today we discuss the hermeneutics of Dispensational Theology and some of the differences with Covenant Theology. What is hermeneutics? How do Dispensationalist interpret the Bible? How does that differ from Covenant…
TSP Episode 023

The Tower of Babel

In episode 23, your hosts Rob McKenzie, Bob Tarullo, and special guest host, Melodie McKenzie, discuss the account of the Tower of Babel described in Genesis 11. Along with questions like, “What is the Tower of Babel?” “Where was the Tower…

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