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The Reformed Forum Into 2009

We had a great 2008 here at the Reformed Forum. We started out as Castle Church and eventually shifted over to the less confusing “Reformed Forum.” We produced 50 episodes of Christ the Center throughout 2008. We started all the way back on January 25, 2008 and were able to publish a new episode every Friday morning without missing a week through the year. I must admit, it has been painful to listen to our first few episodes. The sound quality was bad and there were more than a fair share of “ums.” Listening to our more recent episodes still reminds me of our constant need of improvement, but it is still encouraging to see the progress we’ve made up to this point.

We had the privilege of speaking with many of today’s leading reformed theologians, but we are planning to make 2009 an even better year. One of the opportunities we’re exploring as we book guests for the first part of the year is having two guests on a program who are experts in the same field. At the Reformed Forum, we are looking forward to making edifying discussions available to the church.

2008 saw two episodes of our newest show The Reformed Media Review. This is our show dedicated to reformed book news and reviews of books and other related media. We are also working toward producing additional programs. We want to continue serving the confessional Presbyterian section of the church in addition to broadly reformed believers. While we do not want to make our content broadly evangelical, we do want to broaden our audience in terms of theological familiarity. Christ the Center will remain a more “scholarly” discussion, but we are working on producing programs that will be more accessible to people who are new to reformed theology. We are also looking at a devotional-style program that listeners of all education levels will find edifying.

Thanks for listening throughout 2008. We’re looking forward to hearing from you in the new year and publishing more great material in 2009.


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