The Bible and the Cross

This episode of Theology Simply Profound brings our reading of J. Gresham Machen’s final three audio addresses to a close. This address, “The Bible and the Cross,” would have aired on December 27, 1936. Machen would not finish this series of radio addresses on the atonement. Just five days later on January 1, 1937, he would succumb to pneumonia dying in the Lord.

And so, this series closes so abruptly as life seems to do so very often. With the words, “Isn’t the Reformed faith grand?” and “So thankful for active obedience of Christ. No hope without it,” Machen departed in peace.

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Phil Pockras

4 months ago

I hope this hasn’t been already asked innumerable times, but are there actual recordings of JGM?

Camden Bucey

4 months ago

I’ve wondered the same thing. To my knowledge, there are not any extant recordings of Machen. I don’t believe recording technology was widely used in radio stations at the time. It sure would be nice to know what he sounded like, however.

Robert Tarullo

4 months ago

I agree with Camden. It would be great to hear him in his own voice reading these radio messages!


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