Whatever Happened to Parson Brown?

This morning I was taking my daughter to school when “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” came on the radio. I was surprised to hear, however, an interesting change in the lyrics.

I have always known:

In the meadow we can build a snowman
And pretend that he is Parson Brown
He’ll say are you married
We’ll say No Man
But you can do the job
When you’re in town

But what I heard this morning was:

In the meadow we can build a snowman,
And pretend that he’s a circus clown
We’ll have lots of fun with mister snowman,
Until the other kids knock him down.

Gone away is Parson Brown for a circus clown.

I’ll leave it right there, and let you formulate your own cultural analysis.

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John D. Chitty

4 years ago

According to this thread at the Free Republic site, the “circus clown” verse is original, it’s just a later verse.


Jim Cassidy

4 years ago

I think you missed the point of my post!

Dolan Edwards

2 years ago

Yes, I know what your point is Jim, it’s the Jews unfortunately….Once again a minority of less than two percent is trying to force their will on to our majority Christian Nation…They MUST be stopped!

Bruce Sanders

4 years ago


Thanks for your attempt to move away from the usual schizotypal dour and acknowledge the levity of the season. With global warming it has indeed become difficult each year to resurrect Pastor Brown on snowy lawns. At least we still have the crèche, street caroling, church pageants, Santa on his throne, family gatherings, and sharing of glad tidings of great joy. Merry Christmas to all!

Tommy Thompson

2 years ago

I’m obviously missing your point as well. Are you sure you even made one?

Sheril Bond

2 months ago

Parson Brown is still in the 3rd verse of Winter Wonderland; The circus clown is after the break, in the 5th verse. The circus clown is sung in the 5th verse, instead of a repeat of Parson Brown, to make the song child friendly.

Angela M Garner

1 day ago

So now the kids can “bully” the snowman..until he is knocked down………it is getting crazy …….leave things alone



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