14 Free Interdisciplinary Courses to Help You Grow as a Reformed Thinker

Learning is an important part of Christian stewardship. You have been given a mind, and God desires that we grow in our understanding of him and his gospel. Growing as a Christian thinker begins with studying the Bible and then theology, church history, and other related disciplines. But it’s also beneficial to study disciplines such as world history, philosophy, and political theory.

Reformed Christians especially should recognize the connectedness of knowledge. Thorough learning in any discipline can never occur in a silo. To grow as a systematic theologian, you must also develop your understanding of church history. To deepen your appreciation for Scripture, you must have a grasp of its cultural context.

An increasing number of educational institutions are posting courses online, and though they are not taught from Christian conviction, they nevertheless can challenge Reformed thinkers and help them to see things in a new light. OpenCulture curates a list of free online courses (825 and counting!). If you’re on our website, chances are you listen to podcasts. So add a few courses to your playlist and widen your base of knowledge. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.



Political Science, International Relations, and Law


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6 years ago

Realizing these are not from a Christian perspective, can I expect neutrality from these regarding my faith or should I expect some antagonism from some of these lecturers? I’m open to new thoughts and ideas, but not at the cost of having rotten fish dropped in the wellspring of life…


6 years ago

They did a study on this.

There were three test groups:
– One that was only exposed to things they agreed with.
– One that was only exposed to things they disagreed with.
– One that was exposed to both.

The people who were strongest in what they believed (and probably the most well-rounded and interesting to converse with, if I had to guess) were the people in the third group.

Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet.

Camden Bucey

6 years ago

There really is no neutrality at the end of the day. But many of these courses won’t be outright antagonistic. The history courses will probably be the most amenable. I listen with critical ears, but we should do that with everything.



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