The Relationship of Philosophy to Theology

The Christ the Center panel discussed the nature of philosophy and theology and how they relate to each other. Among the topics discussed were whether theology is a science and if so is it a theoretical or practical science. The…

New Testament Textual Criticism in the 21st Century

Daniel B. Wallace discusses the challenges facing New Testament textual criticism in the 21st century. Join us for this interesting discussion of this fascinating discipline. Many listeners will be familiar with Dr. Wallace from his introductory textbook and his textbook…

A Life in the Preaching Ministry

We had the pleasure to discuss the preaching ministry with noted Scottish minister Eric Alexander. Rev. Alexander has spent his adult life serving Jesus Christ, in His Church, as a minister of His Word having been ordained as a minister…

Reformed Worship

Nick Batzig sat down with Jon Payne at the Twin Lakes Fellowship to talk about the subject of Reformed Worship. Jon deals with the various aspects of this topic in his newest release, In The Splendor of Holiness: Rediscovering the…

The Song of David’s Son

We are pleased to welcome Iain D Campbell to speak about a covenantal approach to interpreting the Song of Solomon. Dr. Campbell wrote a wonderful article in the Spring 2000 issue of the Westminster Theological Journal on the subject and…

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