Defense of the Faith, 4th ed.

The Defense of the Faith, 4th ed.

Publisher’s Description This new, annotated edition of The Defense of the Faith restores the full text of the original work in a form that is more easily understood. Cornelius Van Til, who taught for more than forty-five years at Westminster Seminary, sometimes…

How Jesus Runs the Church

On this program we welcome Guy Prentiss Waters to speak about his book How Jesus Runs the Church. The doctrine of the church is critically important for the Christian life, but often lags behind in received attention. Dr. Waters brings us…

The Creator / Creature Distinction

This is the first lesson in a series examining the theological foundations of Reformed and covenantal apologetics. In this video, Camden Bucey looks at the important difference between God and his creation. Download Participants: Camden Bucey
Plato by Raphael

Engaging Philosophy as a Christian

Jared Oliphint sits down with Dr. K. Scott Oliphint to speak about how Christians should approach the subject of philosophy. They speak about the necessity of the Christian position, the questions asked and answers offered by secular philosophers, and the…
Derek Thomas speaking

An Interview with Derek Thomas

Andrew Moody sat down with Dr. Derek Thomas at a recent conference for the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. This is a fun discussion about a number of topics related to Dr. Thomas’ years of service in Christ’s Church. Download Participants:…
Union with Christ

Theology and Ministry in Light of Union with Christ

In this episode, we welcome Dr. J. Todd Billings to speak about the doctrine of union with Christ and its implications for all of theology and ministry. Dr. Billings has written a new book on the subject, titled Union with…
Moses law

The Law and Redemptive-History

Notwithstanding the diversity of opinion and debate that has surfaced throughout the last century and a half surrounding the nature of the Mosaic Covenant and the Law of God, Reformed theologians have constantly emphasized—with a great measure of uniformity—what has been denominated, the…

The State and Religious Liberty

Today we welcome Dr. David Skeel and James Sweet to speak about recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions that impact the church. Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC was a recent case that raised several important questions. Oyez.org asks, “Does…

The History of the Heidelberg Catechism (for Children)

A children’s book about the creation of the Heidelberg Catechism? Sounds dry. REALLY dry. Surprisingly, William Boekestein’s book, The Quest for Comfort: The Story of the Heidelberg Catechism, provides an engaging history that young readers will understand. With bold illustrations…
John Owen

Debates in 17th Century British Puritanism

Rev. Dr. Mark Jones joins us to speak about diversity and debates within Puritanism. A healthy view of polemics has fallen on hard times, and Dr. Jones reminds us of several fruitful discussions over several issues related to the covenants.…


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