Tiepolo-Schule, Koenig Salomo - King Solomon & Queen of Sheba / Tiepolo - Ecole Tiepolo, Roi Salomon

Seeing Jesus in Old Testament History

This week, Nancy Guthrie speaks about seeing Jesus in the historical books of the Old Testament. Her book The Son of David, third in her series Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament, explains how each part of the story of…

Keeping Your Children out of Public School? Apparently, You’re a Bad Person

Allison Benedikt has written a “manifesto” arguing that it is each citizen’s obligation to get behind the public school system. It’s not enough to give lip-service or even financial support. Benedikt is calling for “real flesh-and-blood-offspring investment.” Indeed, if you…
Greylag Goose

Progressives in Search of an Identity: A Wild Goose Chase?

Say goodbye to the “progressives” and “conservatives” and hello to the “convergent” and “wild goose” Christians. That’s the suggestion of Eric Elnes in an interview with Christian Piatt on Sojourner’s blog God’s Politics. For Elnes, the labels “progressive” and “conservative”…
Calvin, Classical Trinitarianism, and the Aseity of the Son

The Aseity of the Son

Scott Oliphint speaks about the aseity of the Son of God, following up on a review of Brannon Ellis’ book Calvin, Classical Trinitarianism, and the Aseity of the Son. The thesis of the book, which Dr. Oliphint takes up, is that…
Jesus on Every Page

Jesus on Every Page

Biblical theology has been a hot topic for the last five or ten years. I, for one, am glad for the interest in studying God’s unfolding plan throughout Scripture. But for as many pages have been written on the subject,…

A Kingdom of Listeners

“Oh, that my people would listen to me” (Ps 81:13). Genesis 1–3 is riddled with mysteries, the pursuit of which, some argue, does more harm than good. For instance, it is puzzling how and why a malicious and crafty serpent…

Judges and Redemptive History

The Christ the Center panel discusses the book of Judges, considering its relationship to redemptive history and to the redeemer Jesus Christ. During the “no man’s land” of redemptive history, as Israel awaits the promised king, her people again and…

A Review of So Pastor, What’s Your Point?

Jim Cassidy reviews So Pastor, What’s Your Point? by Dennis Prutow, Professor of Homiletics and Pastoral Theology at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. The book gives practical counsel on preaching combined with wholesome theology and is valuable both to the beginning preacher and the…

Early Heresies: Docetism

In the seventh episode of Faith of our Fathers, Jonathan Brack and Charles Williams discuss the dangers of Docetism. Docetism was a late first/early second century heresy that denied the essential humanity of Jesus. Download Participants: Charles Williams, Jonathan Brack
Milky Way Skyglow

When the Stars Disappear: Why Christians Suffer

Dr. Mark Talbot speaks about his forthcoming book tentatively entitled, When the Stars Disappear: Why Christians Suffer. Dr. Talbot’s research in philosophy, theology, and psychology serve to interpret his personal experiences of suffering and inform his counseling of those who suffer. The…


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