The Question of Canon

Dr. Michael J. Kruger speaks with Christ the Center about his recent book, The Question of Canon: Challenging the Status Quo in the New Testament Debate. The book deals not with why we have the books we do in the canon but…

A Consistent Biblical-Theological Hermeneutic

In By Faith, Not By Sight Richard Gaffin summarizes a redemptive-historical (or covenant-historical, biblical-theological) hermeneutic, distinct from a purely grammatical-historical hermeneutic. For discussions regarding the doctrine of Scripture, and especially the New Testament use of the Old, this hermeneutical distinction is key.…
Geerhardus Vos - Reformed Dogmatics

Geerhardus Vos’s Reformed Dogmatics (Vols 1 & 2) Now Available from Logos

I was pleased to receive an email from Logos notifying me that Vos’s Reformed Dogmatics was available in my library. I had pre-ordered the new translation several months ago, and now I get to reap the fruit of an important effort by…
Fountain Pen

Listener Feedback: National Israel, Republication, and Single-Volume Systematic Theologies

On the sixth anniversary of Christ the Center, we respond to listener feedback with the original contributors. Jeff Waddington, Jim Cassidy, and Camden Bucey speak about a variety of subjects, including the corporate and individual aspects of life in Israel, the…
Definite Atonement

Andrew Wilson and David Gibson Exchange on Limited Atonement

Within the doctrine of “definite atonement” you’ll find a nest of theological topics: doctrine of salvation, doctrine of God, the history of redemption, Christology, ecclesiology…hardly a theological concept remains untouched. The recently released 700+ page volume From Heaven He Came and…
James Oliver Buswell

J. Oliver Buswell and Cornelius Van Til

David Owen Filson speaks about Dr. J. Oliver Buswell, theologian and former president of Wheaton College and Covenant College and Seminary. A fundamentalist involved with J. Gresham Machen in the founding of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Buswell joined the Bible…

Covenantal Apologetics (ETS 2013)

K. Scott Oliphint gives an address at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society on November 19, 2013. Dr. Oliphint speaks about covenantal apologetics, a Reformed approach to apologetics indebted to Cornelius Van Til. Dr. Oliphint previously joined us…

Vos Group #2: The Nature and Method of Biblical Theology, Part 1

Dr. Lane Tipton and Camden Bucey open up Geerhardus Vos’ Biblical Theology for the second episode of Vos Group. On pages 3–11 (Chapter 1 up to, but not including, “Guiding Principles”), Vos sets out the nature of the discipline of biblical theology…
2013 Highlights

Highlights from 2013

We begin the New Year with a look at some of our best clips from 2013. Listen to the full episodes of the clips we’ve chosen to include by using the following links: Ep. 265 – Gospels Harmonization with Vern…


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