Dispensationalism – Part 2

In episode 24, your hosts Rob and Bob, pick up our discussion of Dispensationalism. Today we review of Dispensationalism. What are the origins of Dispensationalism? Who are some of the key figures for this origin story? From where did the popular Dispensationalism we today come? How do…
The First Council of Nicea

The New Testament Foundations of Trinitarian Theology

Christians profess that God is triune. Many understand the importance of maintaining this doctrine. But many may also wonder where the doctrine is found in Scripture and what practical difference it makes being “Trinitarian” regardless. Brandon Crowe joins us to remedy…

Hughes Oliphant Old Sums Up His Life’s Work

  Hughes Oliphant Old has been publishing articles and books on the subject of worship since the 1970s. [See select bibliography below.] His book entitled Worship Reformed According to Scripture is hands down the best volume on Reformed worship in print.…

Calvin on the Realities & Signs of the Sacraments

In Calvin’s thinking, the signs of the sacraments should be distinguished from the realities which they signify, but they should not be separated from them. First Corinthians 10:1–4 says, For I do not want you to be unaware, brothers, that…
TSP Episode 023

The Tower of Babel

In episode 23, your hosts Rob McKenzie, Bob Tarullo, and special guest host, Melodie McKenzie, discuss the account of the Tower of Babel described in Genesis 11. Along with questions like, “What is the Tower of Babel?” “Where was the Tower…

God’s Word in Our World: 2016 Austin Conference Preview

Jim Cassidy and Camden Bucey preview our 2016 Theology Conference in Austin, Texas with a conversation on nature and grace. Christians have proposed many different theologies regarding relationship of God’s creation to his Word and supernatural works. Those formulations have great implications…

Baptism in the Didache

Here’s my very brief introduction to baptism in the Didache. This topic deserves several articles, and I plan on following up with it in later posts. Stay tuned! What does the Didache teach us about the theology and practice of…

Hughes Oliphant Old Describes the Earliest Christian Hymnal

The Odes of Solomon is the earliest collection of Christian hymns. The forty-two odes in the collection were most likely composed in the late first or early second century by a Jewish Christian(s) in the region of Syria. The plural…

Ex-PCA Pastor Awards Calvin a Dunce Cap

Rumor has it that when Pope Leo X read Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, he said, “What drunken German wrote this?” It is also rumored that when Martin Luther read Jason Stellman’s post on The Biblical Basis of Man-Made Liturgy, he said,…

Dispensationalism – Part 01

In episode 22, your hosts Rob McKenzie and Bob Tarullo, discuss the subject of Dispensationalism. Today we begin a series of episodes on the subject of Dispensational Theology. What is Dispensationalism? How does Dispensational Theology differ from covenantal theology? Are…


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