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Books in the Queue, Guilty Conscience Edition

I have a bad habit of acquiring books faster than I’m able to read them. I’m sure many of Reformed Forum’s readers can sympathize. My bibliophile friends tell me this isn’t a bad habit at all. In fact, some have suggested that throughout your life more than half of your personal library should be comprised of books you haven’t yet read. That leaves ample room to explore, lend, and otherwise move through your collection with freedom.

My guilty conscience is not yet fully persuaded of these virtues. So to help assuage it in some small way, I’d like to share several of the books I have in the queue. Some are hot off the press. Others have been published for several years. Many I’ve “read” in Mortimer J. Adler inspectional fashion but deserve a step up to analytical, or perhaps even syntopical reading.

I’m thankful that I rest upon the finished work of Jesus Christ for my salvation. Having his righteousness imputed to me, I suppose I can take my time with these books without a truly guilty conscience.


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