How to Podcast

Over the years we have received many questions pertaining to different aspects of recording and publishing digital audio. In this episode, Camden Bucey shares practical lessons and many of the tips and tricks he’s picked up after eight years of…
Jonathan Edwards (vignette)

Logos 6 Introduces Yale edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards

Logos 6 is a powerful ebook reader and search engine. A passage you remember reading but can’t quite remember where you read it is now much more easily and quickly found. What might have taken hours or days in the…

Presbyterians of the Past Has Moved

For close to two years, we have been privileged to have Barry Waugh writing short biographies on various Presbyterians in church history. Some have been well-known, others have been forgotten. In any case, the biographies have been a welcome reminder of…
Karl Barth

“Christ is All: An Introduction to the Life and Thought of Karl Barth” — Part 2

In our previous post, part 1, we introduced our thesis and opened with the beginning of Barth’s life. We pick up here with his years from the beginning of his academic career to his death. C. Professor Barth In 1922…
Richard B. Gaffin, Jr.

Gaffin Speaks about Translating Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics

Dr. Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. recently sat down with FaithLife, makers of Logos Bible Software, to speak about the efforts to translate Geerhardus Vos’s Reformed Dogmatics. Watch the video at FaithLife.
Crusades, Saladin and Guy

Defending Obama

President Obama may some day, if not already, rue the day he compared the Crusades to the current terror tactics of ISIS. But, was his comparison completely off-based? Several well-circulated articles have appeared by Crusades scholars to put the Presidents…
Book Pile

Books in the Queue, Guilty Conscience Edition

I have a bad habit of acquiring books faster than I’m able to read them. I’m sure many of Reformed Forum’s readers can sympathize. My bibliophile friends tell me this isn’t a bad habit at all. In fact, some have suggested that throughout…

Highlights from 2014

We close our year with a look at some of our best clips from 2014. Listen to the full episodes of the clips we’ve chosen to include by using the following links: Episode 318 — Michael Kruger, The Question of Canon Episode 322 —…

A Look Back at What I Read in 2014

I enjoy “Best of…” lists that take us down a 365-day memory lane. I’ll inevitably mouth the words, “Oh yeah!” on cue when I see entries from early 2014. But rather than a “Best of 2014” list, I thought I…

[Review] Logos Bible Software 6

Jared Oliphint and Camden Bucey explore the latest version of Logos Bible Software discussing new features and personal use cases. Here are just a few of the new features: The Gold Edition includes 1,034 books Textual Variants tool Lexham Textual…

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