God After God: Jenson After Barth, Part #5

In the last post we asked if Jenson had gone beyond Barth. Has he temporalized eternity? Jenson is certainly bolder in his assertions linking eternity and time, but has he really achieved a consummation between the two? Frankly, at this…
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Will the Real Bonhoeffer Please Stand Up? Part 4

Having begun with Kant’s concept of the transcendental unity of apperception in order to establish God’s immanence Bonhoeffer was brought up against a potential philosophical problem. Kant’s Transcendentalism had a solipsistic tendency. In other words, if my mind is the…
Immanuel Kant

Will the Real Bonhoeffer Please Stand Up? Part 3

Kant’s Copernican Revolution might have been better described as a theological warhead aimed directly at theology. The immediate epistemological carnage caused by Kantian Transcendentalism can be witnessed initially in Schleiermacher’s theology of Gefühl (feeling). After all, Kant had rendered any…

Thomas, Barth and Modernity: Entering the Fray Over Matthew Rose’s Barth Article

A recent firestorm has arisen within the blogosphere concerning an alleged failure by Karl Barth. It was initiated by Matthew Rose over at First Things here, responded to by IVP editor David Congdon here, Darren Sumner here, David Guretzki here,…
Reasons for Faith

Reasons for Faith: Philosophy in the Service of Theology

Publisher’s Description Philosophy poses questions and problems that are often thought to undermine Christian faith. Christians need not shy away from these discussions. There is ‘philosophical good news for the Christian,’ says K. Scott Olipint. The Christian position is ‘not…
Reformation Wall

Natural Theology

The idea of natural theology has been much debated. One’s understanding regarding the project of natural theology will inevitably impact substantially one’s apologetic methodology and epistemology. K. Scott Oliphint and James Dolezal visit the Reformed Forum studio to discuss natural…

The Metaphysics of Aristotle

The crew spends a few minutes discussing the metaphysical system of Aristotle, one of philosophy’s greatest minds. Download Participants: Bob LaRocca, Camden Bucey, Jared Oliphint, Jonathan Brack

Bavinck, Reid and Realism

We realized many of our discussions on the Reformed Media Review were drifting toward the philosophical. And we also believe there is a general lack of good philosophical resources – at least from people working from a Reformed theological framework.…

Christian Essentialism

K. Scott Oliphint returns to Christ the Center to discuss God’s attributes. Understanding God as He is related to creation is no doubt a complicated task. Traditionally, theologians have spoken of God’s attributes using the communicable/incommunicable distinction. While this remains…

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