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Bavinck, Reid and Realism

We realized many of our discussions on the Reformed Media Review were drifting toward the philosophical.  And we also believe there is a general lack of good philosophical resources – at least from people working from a Reformed theological framework.  As a result, we bring you Philosophy for Theologians.

Our goal in this program is to provide an overview of a particular philosophical figure or an idea and to analyze it critically through the lens of Scripture.  That doesn’t mean proof-texting Kant’s views, but it does mean that we consider everything in light of God’s revelation.   We not only want to address philosophical questions on Philosophy for Theologians, but we want to equip you with a way to think about these questions.

In this wide-ranging discussion, the panel begins with a discussion between Nate Shannon and Bob LaRocca regarding the role of realism in Herman Bavinck and the consistency thereof.   The discussions moves on and touches, among other things, upon Thomas Reid, Alvin Plantinga and possible worlds semantics.

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Philosophy for Theologians aims to look critically at the problems of philosophy by considering everything in light of God’s revelation. The program not only wants to address philosophical questions but also to equip you with a way to think about these questions. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.


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