Bavinck, Reid and Realism

We realized many of our discussions on the Reformed Media Review were drifting toward the philosophical. And we also believe there is a general lack of good philosophical resources – at least from people working from a Reformed theological framework.…


The Christ the Center panel had the privilege of conversing with Dr. David VanDrunen, the Robert B. Strimple professor of systematic theology and ethics at Westminster Seminary in California, about his new book published by Crossway entitled Bioethics and the…

Christian Essentialism

K. Scott Oliphint returns to Christ the Center to discuss God’s attributes. Understanding God as He is related to creation is no doubt a complicated task. Traditionally, theologians have spoken of God’s attributes using the communicable/incommunicable distinction. While this remains…

The Relationship of Philosophy to Theology

The Christ the Center panel discussed the nature of philosophy and theology and how they relate to each other. Among the topics discussed were whether theology is a science and if so is it a theoretical or practical science. The…


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