A Puritan Theology

English Puritan Theology

Christ the Center is pleased to welcome Rev. Dr. Mark Jones to the program to speak about puritan theology. With Joel Beeke, Mark has co-authored an exciting new book from Reformed Heritage Books titled A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life. Mark is the…
A Puritan Theology

A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life

Publisher’s Description: A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life offers a groundbreaking treatment of the Puritans’ teaching on most major Reformed doctrines, particularly those doctrines in which the Puritans made significant contributions. Since the late 1950s, nearly 150 Puritan authors and 700 Puritan…
John Flavel

John Flavel on Union with Christ: A Response to John Fesko

In last week’s episode of the podcast “Office Hours,” Scott Clark interviews John Fesko regarding his recent book, Beyond Calvin: Union with Christ and Justification in Early Modern Reformed Theology (1517–1700). In the last 7 minutes of the interview they…
John Flavel

John Flavel and Union with Christ

Rev. William R. Edwards speaks about John Flavel and union with Christ. Edwards has written an article titled “John Flavel on the Priority of Union with Christ: Further Historical Perspective on the Structure of Reformed Soteriology” in Volume 74 (2012)…
John Bunyan

The Theology of John Bunyan’s Holy War

The Rev. Dr. Robert McKelvey unfolds the theology of one of John Bunyan’s classic allegories, The Holy War. Rev. McKelvey is Pastor of Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Windber, PA and has written a book on Bunyan titled Histories That Mansoul and Her…
Massachusetts Bay Colony

Origins of the Modern American Testimony?

It is a common feature of American evangelicalism for people to share a personal testimony of the Lord’s work in one’s life. Often, this is presented in a standardized form of personal narration of religious experience—more or less in the…
John Owen

Debates in 17th Century British Puritanism

Rev. Dr. Mark Jones joins us to speak about diversity and debates within Puritanism. A healthy view of polemics has fallen on hard times, and Dr. Jones reminds us of several fruitful discussions over several issues related to the covenants.…
Pilgrim's Progress

The Pilgrim’s Progress

Dr. Barry Horner joins the program to discuss John Bunyan’s classic The Pilgrim’s Progress. Horner has thought deeply on the subject and has written a book of his own titled The Pilgrim’s Progress: Themes and Issues. His Doctor of Ministry…
John Owen

Meet the Puritans

Christ the Center is pleased to welcome Dr. Joel Beeke to discuss Meet the Puritans, which he wrote with Randall J. Pederson. This volume is a wonderful collection of short biographies as well as a guide to modern reprints of…

William Perkins and the Development of Puritan Preaching

Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. visits Christ the Center to speak about William Perkins’ role in the development of Puritan preaching. Pipa argues that Perkins’ overall influence and his book The Arte of Prophecying were significant factors in shifting the…


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