The Essential Van Til — The Pastor and Systematic Theology

Who says Van Til is impractical? I would argue that Van Til in all his writing always has an eye towards the church. All of his theologizing, all of his thoughts about apologetics, has a view toward the church and…
The Essential Van Til - Neo-Orthodox

The Essential Van Til — The Neo-Orthodox View of the Knowledge of God

In his writings, Van Til used what has now become a defunct moniker to describe an early 20th century theological movement surrounding Karl Barth and Emil Brunner. That moniker is “neo-orthodox.” Space prevents us from getting into a history of…
Cornelius Van Til

The Essential Van Til — As Suchness

Going hand-in-hand with what we said in a previous post about rendering God not God, Van Til points up how unbelieving thought assumes a neutral view of reality, and in so doing renders every aspect of reality as a final…

Discontent in the Ministry

Jim Cassidy and Camden Bucey revisit Paul Woolley’s article, “Discontent!” as it pertains to the ministry of the church. Woolley presents two forms of discontent in the church that lead either to pursuing a worldly or Christ-centered agenda. While Woolley…

Geerhardus Vos on Christology and Covenant

In a previous post, we considered the way in which Geerhardus Vos’ doctrine of Christ impacted his redemptive-historical hermeneutic for reading the Old Testament. In the triune God’s eternal counsel of peace, the Son assumed his role as Mediator and…
Van Til Daysman

The Essential Van Til — God not God

Van Til is a master at exegeting unbelief. This is helpful for apologetics. If we do not understand the unbeliever in a biblical way, inevitably our approach to defending the faith will be unbiblical.[1] Therefore, it is very important to…
Cornelius Van Til

The Essential Van Til — The Centrality of God

We at the Reformed Forum have a burning desire to see Christ as preeminent in all things. We believe that the Scriptures reveal to us Christ, from Genesis to Revelation. Therefore, the ministry of the pulpits of Christ’s church are…
Van Til, Common Grace and the Gospel

The Essential Van Til – The Antithesis Between Believer and Unbeliever

Following Kuyper and Bavinck, Van Til so emphasized the antithesis between believer and unbeliever that many have concluded that Van Til cuts the unbeliever off from any point of contact whatsoever. Van Til’s system has been caricatured as one in…
Cornelius Van Til

The Essential Van Til – Introduction and the Trinity

I’ve come again, afresh, to the writings of Cornelius Van Til. Lord willing, my plan is to compose a monograph on Van Til’s critique of Karl Barth over the next several years. In light of relentless criticism, from both Barthians…

The Life and Theology of Augustine

Charles Williams speaks about the life and theology of one of Christianity’s greatest figures, Augustine. Mr. Williams is Associate Pastor at Bethel OPC in Wheaton, Illinois. has generously offered a copy of Augustine’s The Trinity for a giveaway. This is…

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