Family Bible Reading with McCheyne

With the beginning of another new year it was time to print a clean copy of a Bible reading reading plan. Last year I went through a chronological plan, but this year I’ve decided to return to a trusty old…

Christian Biographies for Young Readers

In her series, Christian Biographies for Young Readers (published by Reformation Heritage Books), Simonetta Carr has given the church helpful tools to educate the next generation in church history. Her clear explanations, vivid illustrations, and articulate maps assist readers young…

Christ the Center on Christian Education

Dan Kunkle recently visited Christ the Center to discuss Christian education. This was a very thoughtful and engaging discussion.

Raising Children as Members of the Covenant Community

Guest Contributor: Kenneth Kang-Hui If you ask the average Christian to cite the main differences between Baptists and Reformed Christians, the first thing that would come to mind is probably baptism, its mode and its recipients. Specifically, while there may…

Family and Sabbath in the Writings of Wendell Berry

Darryl G. Hart and Camden Bucey converse about family and Sabbath through the writings of Wendell Berry. Download the audio

Feeding Your Family

I’m actually speaking of literal food this time. Inka Leoni at My Modern Metropolis has written a post which includes some very interesting photos of what families throughout the world eat in a typical week. When your week’s food is…
WiFi Bus

WiFi on the School Bus

The New York Times reports on an experiment in Vail, AZ in which the school district has outfitted a school bus with a mobile WiFi router. Interestingly, disciplinary problems have all but disappeared. But one has to ask, is this…

Effective Abstinence Education

Robert Rector comments on a new report demonstrating the success of abstinence education programs in the face of the failures of so called “safe-sex” and comprehensive sex-ed programs. What is most interesting is the response from the New York Times…

Trends in Media Use

The Kaiser Family Foundation has released their study of the use of media among 8 to 18 year olds. The figures are simply astounding. Just to highlight a few of the key findings, overall media use was up to –…

When You Don’t Do Santa

Thabiti Anyabwile has shared a few thoughts for parents who don’t go about the whole Santa thing.  You might also want to read Sinclair Ferguson’s article on Christ and Santa.


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