Bavinck on the Christian Life

Today we welcome Dr. John Bolt to speak about his new book Bavinck on the Christian Life: Following Jesus in Faithful Service. Dr. Bolt is the Jean and Kenneth Baker Professor of Systematic Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary. He served as…
Theological Fitness

[Review] Theological Fitness by Aimee Byrd

“I think we often think of perseverance as passive endurance. I hope to change that.” Thus writes Aimee Byrd, author of Theological Fitness: Why We Need a Fighting Faith, published by P&R Publishing in May 2015. Her goal is admirable…

Dealing with the Sin of the Double Life, Part 2

While a senior in high school, I was pressed into playing the part of a court jester in our annual Canterbury festival. I was prepared with the perfect objection—I was unable to juggle. What jester cannot perform the most basic…
Jekyll and Hyde.Black and White

Dealing with the Sin of the Double Life, Part #1

Simple images have a way of simplifying stories. Movies have perfected this technique. Think of oranges rolling randomly about in the back of the vehicle. They are just fruit in chaos! But the image of aimless oranges can cull the chaos…

Newton on the Christian Life

Tony Reinke joins us to speak about Newton on the Christian Life: To Live Is Christ, a new book in Crossway’s Theologians on the Christian Life series. Newton was a brilliant letter writer, and his vision for the Christian life shines brightly…

Edwards on the Christian Life

Christ the Center is pleased to welcome Dr. Dane Ortlund to speak about Jonathan Edwards’s views of the Christian life. Ortlund is Senior Vice President of Bible Publishing at Crossway and the author of the book Edwards on the Christian Life: Alive to the Beauty…
Principles of Conduct

Principles of Conduct: Aspects of Biblical Ethics

Publisher’s Description Now back in print with a new foreword by J. I. Packer, this classic study clearly shows the organic unity and continuity of the biblical ethic. Murray addresses ethical questions relating to such topics as marriage, labor, capital…
How People Changed

How People Change

Related Media Listen to a lecture by Tim Lane entitled What Does It Look Like to Change?. Requires a free account at Westminster Theological Seminary Publisher’s Description What does it take for lasting change to take root in your life? If you’ve ever…
Religious Life of Theological Students

The Religious Life of Theological Students

Publisher’s Description Delivered as an address at the Autumn Conference at Princeton Theological Seminary on October 4, 1911. Dr. Warfield shows the importance for those preparing for the ministry to grow both as scholars and as people of God.

The Practical Theology of Productivity and Stewardship

Matt Perman is the author of What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way We Work, a book about productivity and the stewardship of time and work. Matt highlights all the good that can be gained from the literature on…

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