Definite Atonement

Andrew Wilson and David Gibson Exchange on Limited Atonement

Within the doctrine of “definite atonement” you’ll find a nest of theological topics: doctrine of salvation, doctrine of God, the history of redemption, Christology, ecclesiology…hardly a theological concept remains untouched. The recently released 700+ page volume From Heaven He Came and…
Virgin Mary

The Virgin Birth of Christ

Dr. Brandon Crowe explains the reality and significance of the virgin birth, based on his booklet, “Was Jesus Really Born of a Virgin?,” from the Christian Answers to Hard Questions series. He explains the biblical basis for the doctrine and…

Antinomianism: Reformed Theology’s Unwelcome Guest?

Publisher’s Description an·ti·no·mi·an (noun)— One who holds that under the gospel dispensation of grace the moral law is of no use or obligation because faith alone is necessary to salvation. —Merriam-Webster’s dictionary Hotly debated since the sixteenth century in the…

Imitating God in Christ: Recapturing a Biblical Pattern

Publisher’s Description Should we imitate Jesus? Some Christians answer with a cheerful “Yes,” seeing it as the sum of the Christian life. Others believe we should rely on the work of Christ alone, throwing off any hint of the moralism…
Calvin, Classical Trinitarianism, and the Aseity of the Son

The Aseity of the Son

Scott Oliphint speaks about the aseity of the Son of God, following up on a review of Brannon Ellis’ book Calvin, Classical Trinitarianism, and the Aseity of the Son. The thesis of the book, which Dr. Oliphint takes up, is that…

Early Heresies: Docetism

In the seventh episode of Faith of our Fathers, Jonathan Brack and Charles Williams discuss the dangers of Docetism. Docetism was a late first/early second century heresy that denied the essential humanity of Jesus. Download Participants: Charles Williams, Jonathan Brack
In Defense of the Descent

In Defense of the Descent

In this episode, Carlton Wynne reviews In Defense of the Descent by Daniel Hyde. In the book, Hyde seeks to explain and defend an orthodox understanding the Apostles’ Creed when it claims that Christ “descended into hell.” Hyde analyzes this controversial claim, bringing…
Rahner and Barth

Approaches to Christology

Christology is at the heart of the gospel for it is the study of the God-man, the savior of sinners. In this episode, Jim Cassidy and Camden Bucey speak about several fundamental doctrines of Christology and uncover a number of different…

Jesus Christ: The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever

Originally preached in April 1738, Jonathan Edwards’ sermon “Jesus Christ: The Same Yesterday, To-day, and Forever” expounds Hebrews 13:6. Edwards draws out the doctrine that Jesus Christ is the same now that he ever has been and ever will be.…

Safety, Fullness, and Sweet Refreshment, to be Found in Christ

This week the East of Eden crew examine Jonathan Edwards’ sermon “Safety, Fullness, and Sweet Refreshment, to be Found in Christ” based upon Isaiah 32:2. In this sermon Edwards unpacks the types of a man who provides cover from the wind, of…


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