Renihan, God without Passions

God without Passions

In this episode, we speak with Samuel Renihan about the doctrine of divine impassibility. Rev. Renihan is the pastor of Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in La Mirada, California and the editor of God without Passions: A Reader. Westminster Confession of Faith 2.1,…
Alvin Plantinga

God, Propositions, and Necessary Existence

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). For centuries Christians have taken this Bible verse to teach the doctrine of creation ex nihilo. Before the creation of the world, there was only God: the eternal…

God and Necessity

Jared Oliphint and Nathan Shannon discuss Brian Leftow’s God and Necessity (Oxford University Press). In this volume, Leftow seeks to offer a metaphysic of modality. This leads him into a discussion of necessity and possibility, truth making, God’s nature, and divine simplicity.…
Immanuel Kant

Will the Real Bonhoeffer Please Stand Up? Part 3

Kant’s Copernican Revolution might have been better described as a theological warhead aimed directly at theology. The immediate epistemological carnage caused by Kantian Transcendentalism can be witnessed initially in Schleiermacher’s theology of Gefühl (feeling). After all, Kant had rendered any…
Earth from Space

The Omnipresent God

The Holy Scriptures proclaim that heaven and earth cannot contain God (1 Kings 8:27), but he also fills heaven and earth with his presence (Jer 23:23–24). Acts 17:28 even says that “in him [God] we live and move and have…
Cornelius Van Til

Van Til’s Concrete Universal

Laurence O’Donnell, III, a Cornelius Van Til scholar and critic, has labeled Van Til’s trinitarian theology “idiosyncratic.” He made this remark with respect to Van Til’s conception of the trinity as a concrete universal. In response to O’Donnell’s ascription of idiosyncrasy,…
Sun Over Earth (

Beyond the Control of God? Six Views on the Problem of God and Abstract Objects

Jared Oliphint reviews Beyond the Control of God? Six Views on the Problem of God and Abstract Objects, edited by Paul Gould. Download Participants: Camden Bucey, Jared Oliphint
The Doctrine of Trinity

[Review] Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity

Jim Cassidy reviews Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity (Zondervan) Stephen Holmes, Paul Molnar, Thomas McCall, and Paul Fiddes. Download Participants: Camden Bucey, Jim Cassidy
Reformed Forum Theology Conference

Theological Principles from Van Til’s Common Grace and the Gospel

Dr. K. Scott Oliphint explains three key theological principles from Van Til’s Common Grace and the Gospel. Unedited and Unprocessed Recording of the Livestream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJF0CkuHbrY Download Participants: K. Scott Oliphint
Reformed Forum Theology Conference

The Aseity of the Son

Dr. K. Scott Oliphint examines the Reformed tradition’s understanding of the Son as a se. In his assessment, much of the tradition relies upon unsatisfactory formulations offered by Thomas Aquinas. Oliphint encourages Reformed theologians to “tear away the tares of Thomism” in…


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