Top Episodes from 2008

We dug out some of our “greatest hits” from the archives. These are the top episodes published in 2008.

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8 years ago

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the episodes of RF–I listen with great edification.

One point FYI, in my opinion, I don’t think that the “Brief History of Trinitarian Thought” was one of your better episodes. This has nothing to do with Carl Trueman, who is an excellent scholar in his field of Owen.

However, I thought the episode showed a real lack of awareness of patristic theology, an area that we reformed tend to neglect (to our peril) as we focus on more “in-house” issues. I thought Michael Haykin’s interview was better in this respect. Can I recommend talking to someone like Beeson Divinity School’s Gerald Bray, who is very much a specialist in this area? With the continual trip to Rome and Eastern Orthodoxy by evangelicals, we reformed folks need to become familiar with theology from 200AD-1500AD and see how it vindicates rather than detracts from our position.

Keep up the great work brothers–I appreciate it!



Camden Bucey

8 years ago

Thanks for the comments Marty, I would like to point out, however, that this list is ordered by number of downloads. We were not ordering them by our estimation of their “quality.” We still would love to interview Gerald Bray as well as offering more content on patristic [and medieval] theology.


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