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The Gospel of John: A Study in the Truth (Chapters 1–10)

James J. Cassidy

Jim Cassidy is the pastor of South Austin Presbyterian Church. He graduated in 2014 from Westminster Theological Seminary with the Ph.D in systematic theology writing on the theology of Karl Barth. He is the author of God’s Time For Us: Barth on the Reconciliation of Eternity and Time in Jesus Christ (Lexham Press).
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This course is an overview of the Gospel of John. It is geared toward adults and could be used in a Sunday school class or in a Bible study. As an overview, the course will leave most details uncovered. However, its purpose is to give students key themes in John’s Gospel (e.g., truth) which will help them in their interpretation of the book as a whole. In addition, the material is intended to be edifying, showing the centrality of Christ in all of Scripture. With this course, students will—by God’s grace—be made to grow in the knowledge of who Jesus is and what he came to do. This, in turn, will equip students to share Christ more clearly and effectively with others.

Total course duration: 5 hours, 3 minutes.


On Key


Introduction to the Pentateuch

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