The Westminster Assembly

The Christ the Center panel was joined by Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn, associate pastor of Grace OPC in Vienna, VA and senior research fellow at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, to talk about the historical background and context of the Westminster Assembly and the documents that came from that body as well as learning about the Westminster Assembly Project with which Dr. Van Dixhoorn is associated. The conversation was enjoyable, informative, and edifying. A rare combination indeed.

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Tim H.

10 years ago

Great, thanks!

More Westminster Standards Resources - Feeding on Christ

10 years ago

[…] Recently we at the Christ the Center internet audio program over at Reformed Forum interviewed the Rev. Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn about his involvement in the Westminster Assembly project.  The WAP is a boon to us for the […]

Glen Clary

10 years ago

Thanks Dr. Van Dixhoorn for your excellent work on the Westminster Assembly!

westminster assembly

9 years ago

[…] The Westminster Assembly – ReformedForum.org Aug 6, 2010 … Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn about his involvement in the Westminster Assembly project. … […]

Richard Chelvan

6 years ago

I would have asked about the influence of the Amyrauldians and the issue of supralapsarian infralapsarian debate, if there was one. For instance Twisse was a supralapsarian.


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