The Greatness and Love of God

Today we welcome Dr. Bryan Chapell, President and Professor of Practical Theology at Covenant Theological Seminary, to speak about the greatness and love of God. Dr. Chapell is the author of several books, but many of our listeners may know him best for his book Christ-Centered Worship and of course his much celebrated Christ-Centered Preaching. He’ll be speaking at the upcoming Quakertown Regional Conference on Reformed Theology Nov. 11–12 in Quakertown, PA.

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Religion and Joy broke up by asceticism | Omega OPC

8 years ago

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Jim Cassidy

8 years ago

I’m not sure that the Reformed position runs into a logical contradiction when it affirms that Adam and Eve had a free will before the fall. This is not an infringement upon the sovereignty of God, at least if we understand free will in a Reformed way (i.e., in a compatiblist way and not in a libertarian way). This is why we have the doctrine of concursus, which leaves us with a proper mystery without leading to logical contradiction.

Nick Batzig

8 years ago

I also must express my concern over Dr. Chapell’s statement about God’s hatred being like the hatred of a father for his child running out into the street after a ball. God’s hatred is His burning indignation against all rebellion and unrighteousness. When the Scriptures say that God “hated Esau” we are not meant to understand the anger of a father against His child. Jesus said that the Pharisees were of their father the devil. Likewise all the reprobate are children of wrath and Satan.



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