Eschatology and the Christian Life

Eschatology is a complicated word. Usually, it is associated with apocalyptic events yet to occur in the Middle East. In this episode, we seek to broaden this limited conception of eschatology to include even the present applicability of Christ’s death and resurrection and the inevitable destination of his bride, the Church. Christians have a living hope (1 Peter 1:3) through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, a hope that has a bearing even on the Christian’s present life circumstances.

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7 years ago

I meet people all the time in Reformed churches who say they get a lot of theology in church but they need something “practical.” I think Christians need to hear of the ways in which they are already a resurrection people and truly citizens of the new heaven and new earth even though they now are a wildnerness people; united with Christ both in his suffering and resurrection.

I think there’s a real need for what you were discussing. Thanks.


7 years ago

I just finished listening to this podcast and was greatly encouraged. Even though I am currently not in pastoral ministry I have been and stepped out for a time for more education. I remember many discouraging days and the nights at times were horrid with my concerns invading my dreams even. Pastor Cassidy’s comments and thoughts on the CEO model of pastoral ministry really spoke to my heart.

Recently while being interviewed for a pastoral position I was asked by an elder what my vision for ministry was and I said that my vision for ministry was for treasuring Christ and proclaiming His worth by equipping the saints to glorify God in all they do and enjoy Him forever. I was looked at like I had grown a third eye.

They did not call me. Just as well I think.

Keep up the good work.


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